Shimmer token


SMR is the native token of the Shimmer network and serves as its economic backbone. The total supply has been fully distributed to early adopters by staking MIOTA tokens for SMR tokens.

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The Shimmer ecosystem is growing. Some utility examples of the Shimmer token are listed below.

Smart Contracts
Sharded and Composable

Smart Contracts

The Shimmer token powers smart contracts built on top of the Shimmer network. Using IOTA Smart Contracts, developers can build dApps by using Solidity, Rust or Go. Read more.

Decentralized Finance
Innovation Unchained

Decentralized Finance

DeFi unchained, powered by a feeless base protocol and fully composable and interoperable smart contract dApps. With the new possibilities it provides to developers, the Shimmer network is the place for new dApps that aren't possible anywhere else.

Feeless NFTs
Next generation

Feeless NFTs

Fees are a major entry barrier to the NFT and digital assets space, prohibiting innovation. With Shimmer, you can enjoy feeless minting, trading and transfers of NFTs. Native assets are first class citizens in the protocol and are as secure and scalable as the Shimmer token.

The Possibilities of the Shimmer Token
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Shimmer Token Distribution
Shimmer Genesis Supply 1,813,620,509 SMR
IOTA Stakers 1,450,896,407 SMR 80%
Community DAO 181,362,051 SMR 10%
Tangle Ecosystem 181,362,051 SMR 10%
Token Listing

Exchange Integration Guide

Seamlessly integrate the SMR token into any cryptocurrency exchange. Find the complete guide here

Exchange Integration Guide