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Network Architecture


Shimmer is a feeless, parallelized DAG infrastructure layer to seamlessly connect smart contract chains. With its extended UTXO ledger and unique tokenization features, Shimmer offers unprecedented interoperability and composability between blockchains while still enabling their full customization. Not bound to costly, unreliable bridges from one network to another, Shimmer opens up infinite trading opportunities between chains.

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Native Tokenization


Shimmer’s tokenization features are unique in the crypto space. Anyone can feelessly mint custom tokens and NFTs as first-class citizens on the base layer and transfer them without incurring any transaction fees. Each NFT on Shimmer automatically acts as a wallet that can own other NFTs, custom tokens and native tokens.

L2 smart contract chains can own and control L1 assets, which enables fully automated and feeless minting, melting, burning and cross-chain transfers, unleashing new levels of utility in crypto. Dive deeper here.

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Output Types


The multi-asset UTXO model of Shimmer enables more complex output types that enable novel transaction features and atomic operations. With Shimmer’s customizable time-bound UTXO features, a new era of value transaction has dawned, enabling a set of new and frictionless marketplace operations without the need for costly customized smart contracts.

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multi-asset UTXO


When security doesn’t cost a dime! Immutable data and value transactions are feeless on the Shimmer network. Minting tokens or NFTs only requires a fully refundable deposit, enabling any form of data, hashes of external data, real objects, ownership or identities to be immortalised, and real world assets to be securely represented through custom, transferable tokens.

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Shimmer EVM


The Shimmer Network, with its recent introduction of ShimmerEVM, has set the groundwork for a truly scalable, composable, and interoperable multi-chain network with unmatched characteristics in the DLT space. Supported by highly interoperable, chain-agnostic and advanced EVM compatibility features, anyone can build boundless innovative use-cases and launch their own chains. Read more.

Bridging the Multi-Chain Gap
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cross-chain composability


Shimmer is chain-agnostic. Any smart contract chain has access to the state changes of all other anchored chains, turning the feeless Shimmer DAG architecture into the ultimate, universal bridging infrastructure. This infrastructure enables the highest order of composability in smart contracts across completely different types of smart contract chains.

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Shimmer is the infrastructure layer connecting everything as an all-encompassing ubiquitous bridge. All transfers on and via Shimmer are feeless and all chains anchored to the network can utilize it as the ultimate safe and feeless bridge for all cross-chain transactions.

L2 bridges are a thing of the past. Shimmer provides the basis for transfer and trade, without limits and without risk.

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Integrate with ease


Deploy any Solidity Smart Contract with ease and leverage the seamless interoperability between Layer 1 and Layer 2, request native randomness or communicate with other smart contracts outside of EVM . Read more

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Test to Succeed

Shimmer is the upside-down version of IOTA. With an identical DAG architecture at heart, Shimmer grants early access to cutting-edge developments which are battle-tested live with real value at stake.

Release candidates that withstand the test of time in the Shimmer network are matured to the status of stable release and ported to the IOTA mainnet.

Shimmer Network

Shimmer Network

IOTA Network

IOTA Network

Permissionless right right
Zero Fees right right
L1 Tokenization right right
Finality Time (max.) 5s 5s
Newest features right SOON
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Why Shimmer?

Be early, be bold, be a pioneer. Developers have an early mover advantage to build a new ecosystem of cutting-edge innovations and token economies on a feeless, bridgeless base layer.