Treasures of Shimmer test, play & earn Ahoy, adventurers! Hunt for the Treasures of Shimmer by TEA* on the ShimmerEVM testnet. Test, play, and earn a chance to claim your share of 1.8 M SMR tokens from our treasure chest. Be bold, mateys, as fortune favors the brave in this exciting journey. Arrr! Read more.
Treasures of shimmer
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1,800,000 SMR Rewards Locked
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Join the treasure hunt
Glory and adventure await you on our twofold treasure hunt: Test competing dApps to earn SMR tokens or embark on thrilling tasks via our Zealy quest board to win limited NFTs and SMR rewards. Grab your gear, assemble your crew, and set sail for adventure. The bounty is yours for the taking!
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Battle for activity
Battle For Activity Set sail for adventure with your favorite dApps. Trade, swap, and plunder: The more you engage with the dApps, the bigger your share of 1.3M SMR tokens will be. Start your treasure hunt by choosing a project from the list below, and may the luck of the seas be with you!
- Smart contract calls
0 Days remaining
1,300,000 SMR Rewards Locked
If you are keen to send your dApp into the fight for activity, drop anchor and sign up here.
RankProject NameApplication TypeRevenue Share SMRAdditional RewardsPotential SMR Earn*ParticipateLinks
*amounts displayed are variable and do not accurately reflect the total a project has already earned, but potentially will earn. Confirmed amounts will be communicated on the days of the snapshot and reward distribution.
*The SMR reward distribution will take place after the campaign ends on May 17, at the latest May 23.